Techvilla - Service - Ebook covers Design

If you need a professional print and eBook cover design for your book, our combined design package is the most cost-effective choice. We provide a professional cover design service that is suitable for both seasoned independent writers and self-publishers who are just starting out on an exciting adventure.

We'll produce your first print and ebook cover design draught based on the information you've given as soon as we get your form and payment. We'll then take your comments into account and fine-tune the design until you're satisfied. If you don't like the first draught, we'll send you another and continue until you've found the ideal cover for your book.

A good, professional print and ebook cover design should be clear, succinct, and communicate the appropriate tone and mood for the book and genre, according to industry standards (which we completely agree with). As a result, you should avoid focusing on a single scene or character group, or having too many competing important components. This may give the impression of being 'busy' or 'cluttered,' which may confuse or turn off readers. So please trust us to produce the finest cover for you and your book based on our years of design expertise.